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Your Power for Unlimited Success & Abundance – Have a Magnificent Day!

Dawn of Your Dreams
God or the Universe does not make mistakes.
There are no accidents or coincidences.
This is the way it is.
Everything in your life has led up to this moment and these exact circumstances.
As they say in the game of poker, this is the hand you were dealt and this is the hand you have to play out. It is totally up to you.
Based on your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions you create your reality.
The outcome is totally dependent on you!
YOU make all the difference in the world.
Whatever you focus your attention on is where your energy goes.
This is the Law of Focused Attention or The Law of Attraction.
You have free will and freedom of choice so you determine the outcome.
So, be clear that everything in your life depends on you.
You are the cause and source of everything that you create.
It starts with your inner reality, your inner game.
You can focus your thoughts, energy and resources on what you want in a positive direction.
Or you can focus on the negative…..on fear……on most of the things you hear people talk about.
Most of the topics in the news, on the Internet, TV, radio, etc are fear-based and negative.
Sad that drama, trauma and scandal is more interesting than the wonderful things in life.
Your most important choice is where are you going to focus your attention.
POSITIVE or negative, FREEDOM or fear, ABUNDANCE or lack, OPPORTUNITY or limitation?
Because whatever you believe is what is. Whatever you choose is your reality.
This is the Power of Acknowledgement.
Complaining is just a waste of time and energy.
Wise people do not pay attention to this. They do not spend time wSave as Draftith negative people.
They create positive environments, they look for opportunities, they create solutions, they create positive results. They make things happen.
It takes much more effort, courage, determination and persistence to think creatively and to follow your own path. It is much easier to let things be the way they are and not create what you want and follow your dreams. Creators and achievers use their energy to think differently, to trust their intuition and inspirations.
What are you going to do now?
Successful people create rather than compete.
When they are told that they can’t do something, then that is exactly what they must do.
They have an overwhelmingly positive and triumphant belief that anything is possible.
They do what it takes to succeed.
You can do all of these wonderful things and not violate the rights of others.
You can follow proper principles and create magnificent results.
Be clear that temptation will present short cuts and the ego will attempt to manipulate you.
How you conduct yourself and how you achieve your results are even more important than the results your achieve. So choose wisely. Once you say something or do something it cannot be taken back. Make sure your efforts are for your highest possibilities and for the good of all concerned.
This time in history offers you the greatest opportunities that we have seen since the Great Depression.
Make it count……seize the day……..seize the moment.
Turn your dreams into reality.
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I Worth It

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Many times in life we do not 100% believe we will receive something. Actually we often start to say “I feel it, I will get it very soon” and then nothing happen.
Why? One of the first reasons is that because we do not have it 100%.
Yesterday I was talking with my niece. She is struggling with her job, she feels having little perspectives, and is a lot uncomfortable with that. While she daily tries to get rid of that feeling. But, nothing happens.
I explained to her my idea about this, trying to make her clear it was simply a matter of attitude. She said to me “I know, auntie; I start positive each single day. BUT I already know my effort will be useless. My boss will certainly obstacle my initiatives. Well, why should that be allowed to one like me?”
The point was there. The very starting point. My niece was saying to herself, first the right thing to do, to start positive, with ideas and initiative. And immediately her second step was to create the stop with the sentence “my boss will certainly obstacle my initiatives”. She already knew to be stopped. And the Law of Attraction was calling that stop to her. The Universe does not know if you want or if you do not want something. It reacts to the inner power of your consciousness, which was—in that case– saying “my boss will stop me”. But worse, my niece was adding something to that stop. She was justifying herself from not getting her success, because she was not worth it: “Why should that be allowed to one like me?”
Here is a mistake many of us are repeating and repeating, to become an habit. We think we do not worth it. We do not realize that when we ask, we express our divinity. We ask simply because we know, in the deep part of ourselves, that we deserve what we ask for. We can have it. It is due because of our status of divine being, made to be abundant of everything we think to be present in our life.
Therefore, we should start to think that we are also so important to the Universe, that we worth receiving what we asked for. Never give the Universe the possibility to cancel your effort, by affirming the idea you will not receive what you ask for.
Why should your boss, or your parents, or your mate allow you to make something, have something, do something? Simply because of your right to it, you express to the Universe with your asking for it.

Ask and it is given

Where does the magic start?  Is there actually any magic? The answer is Yes and No.
Everyone understand things in its own exclusive unique way. This makes difficult to transfer something which is basically the same for everyone, but different for each one of us.
Fundamentally, it may appear to be magic when you so strongly desire something that it appears in your life out of the blue. It actually isn’t that way.
It magically appears, but it is not magic. The way to get “the magic”  is the change we can make to look at things.
Since there is only a general rule, which is also difficult to understand, I will progressively bring you through some information, or issues to medidate about, to help you to find your way.
I can fist say that if you are reading this, it means you are looking for something. Should it be for yourself or for your friends and family, it doesn’t matter.
Stop to resist to the change which is just in front of you. This first step will help you to make your next step and the progress of your life will become more and more evident, the more steps you do.
Using the words of Abraham Hicks, “you ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire”. This basically means that when we desire something there are two way of reacting: one is looking at your desire as something far, unaccessible, too far away from you. But if you start to think to your desire with the feeling of pleasure it brings to you, placing your attention and observing how happy you are when you simply think to that desire, there is something happening. You change your way of feeling, and appreciate your desire which is near, you feel it, it is someway real in your thoughts and wanting. This progressively creates in you and near you the conditions and events happen to bring your desire into your reality.
Nothing magic. Simply a different way to look at it. There is no effort. Only joy. And patience. Give the time to things to happen, and then allow them to happen. Do not make any resistance. Ask and it is given. Really very very simple!

Desktop wallpaper available: click on the image to download it (PNG)