Born in Italy in a mid-November pale sunny day in the second half of the past century. Sounds long time ago, isn’t it? Well maybe! But even if I saw many years going, the time has strengthened the spirit and educated the will.

I spent the biggest part of my life in constructing ambition: family, career, self-improvement. The first man I met was a complete failure. The only success of that marriage was a beautiful beloved son. We were abandoned when my child was not yet five. We had harsh days. Then, after some years, I met a man. The one I had been always looking for. He was kind, supportive and most of all made me feel safe and comfortable in every situation. He was loved also by “our” son, who has this way found a real father and a friend. When he left our family, following his own path in life, it was hard. And my career too was tough and difficult. My area of expertise is in Management and Business Organization. I was still studying Aeronautic Engineering when I was first hired as a consultant. At that time it was to pay for the school. Today I have nearly forty years of experience on my shoulders, I work as a senior partner and principal in a Consulting Company and I am professionally occupied in a number of projects in the area of Business Development.

If I look to my past I am happy with it. Of course, I made mistakes, and this allowed me to learn the secret of success. If I look to my future I am happy with that as well.
But what it is really important to me today is now, is the present.
I want to mention Eleanor Roosevelt, who said “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.” Nothing truer than that. I love the present. The sole place I can be, I am here and now. From here and now I look to my accomplishments and establish my endeavors.

I have from some years entered in a new period of my life, the meaning part and I love it as well. It is a completely new period. Now the family is there, my career counts some successes, my ambition has driven me to my achievements. I realized some time ago that what was good in the morning of my life, was not so much good in the afternoon of life. I had to work to extend the success and its secrets to the meaningful part of my life. I have practiced how to be successful without striving in the afternoon of life, where many of us are not ready to live, where many times we arrive to almost unprepared.
This is what I want to share with my readers. In gratitude.

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