The Best Gift

When you ask yourself about what is the best you can do to help many others, when you ask yourself about what is the best you can do to help your loved ones, or your neighbor, or friend, what is the answer ? 
We generally have two answers to this question, whether we try to help the whole humanity or one single individual. These answers are not always completely revealed and clear to us. 
The first is that we must do something which makes other people, or friends or relatives, feel better. We definitely want them to feel better, because we interiorly know that to feel better is the way to start any kind of improvement. 
The second is generally confused within the first answer, and not very clear to be identified. But it is there. We must do something that makes US feel better. Just for the same reason. To get any improvement in any situation we must feel well. We must feel the feeling of wellness. What we want for others is what we first must have to be able to generate any kind of improvement.

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For this reason, it can sound strange and selfish, but is not: the best gift you can give to people, is your wellness, your being well, your feeling good. 
Just try to imagine. You wake up and feel good, look in the mirror and see a smiling face. Have a good breakfast. The walk to work will be easier and nice. You meet people and—since you feel good—you easily smile to them. Simply because you feel good. 
We often say a smile can change a life. IT CAN. Because it is an expansion of that wellness you have inside. It’s a share point of what you have done to be comfortable and happy with yourself. It comes from your positive transformation and it is the reflection of the wonderful human being which is inside you. 
You expand your wellbeing and others will feel the feeling, they will smile in turn and a wave of better feeling will be easily created. And like a wave it will go from people to people, and really will reach the whole humanity. Just starting from yourself.

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